Which American Pie Star Had His House Stormed By a SWAT Team? (UPDATE)
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Which American Pie Star Had His House Stormed By a SWAT Team? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: We're thinking that a certain American Pie star will now think twice before bringing home a woman he just met at a diner.

Actor Eddie Kaye Thomas  a.k.a. Finch from American Pie  is now getting some distance between himself and Roxanna Baer, as she has been ordered to stay at least 100 feet away from him, according to TMZ. She was also sentenced to three years of formal probation and ordered to undergo 52 weeks of psychiatric counseling.

Roxanna has already served 156 days in jail, and although she was sentenced this week to 312 days in jail, she won't have to serve any more time in jail, on account of good behavior.

Back in April, Eddie met Roxanna at a Mel's Diner in L.A.  yes, apparently he picks up women at '50s-style diners  and brought her back to his home. Nice. But the next afternoon, she threatened him with a knife and trashed his home, and cops needed to use tear gas to subdue her. 

Maybe he should just stick to dating Stifler's mom from now on.

Original story: A harmless high school prank this was not. SWAT team members stormed the home of American Pie star Eddie Kaye Thomas after an argument inside the house escalated to a dangerous point.

According to TMZ, Eddie, who played nervous-stomached mom aficionado Finch in the movies, called the police when a female guest at his house allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to kill him with it.

While it remains unclear if the two are romantically involved, it has quickly become obvious that Eddie has the reflexes of a cat and the mind of a ninja, as he was able to make it past the knife-wielding woman outside to safety, where he called the authorities.

When the SWAT team arrived to Eddie’s Hollywood Hills home, the knife-happy friend temporarily barricaded herself inside. Luckily, those SWAT guys tend to be extremely good at their jobs, and they ended up getting inside the home to arrest the alleged attacker.

So, now, if you ever find yourself in a conversation that begins, “Hey, whatever happened to that guy from American Pie?” you’re way ahead of things.

 Source: TMZ

09.20.2013 / 06:54 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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