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Dexter Series Finale Recap: Season 8, Episode 12, “Remember the Monsters?”

Ready for the last hour of Dexter we'll ever get? Let's get right into the action.

Dexter and Harrison pep-step through the airport toward the gate, ready to flee the country with Hannah.

"I always thought if I left Miami, I'd be running for my life, not running to a new one," Dexter reflects via voiceover.

Hannah calls from the ladies room, saying that she spotted Elway in the boarding area.

Thinking fast, Dex plants a backpack under a bench and tells the gate attendant that "that guy" — pointing to Elway — left it there. Security agents detain him and then evacuate the whole airport.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Meanwhile, Batista and Masuka talk to Deb as the paramedics prepare to take her to the hospital. She insists that they don't call Dexter, wanting him to enjoy his new life.

Quinn rides with her in the ambulance. "I really don't like getting shot," she quips.

Turning serious, she says that she might have deserved that bullet. "I've done s—t I'm not proud of, stuff I can't take back," she says.

Quinn says that he has, too, but that the good work they do as cops cancels out the bad.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

At the hospital, he and Batista stay with Deb as the nurses prep her for surgery.

Right before she goes anaesthesia, Deb says, "I love you, Joey."

As she's carted to the OR, Batista and Matthews defy her request and call Dexter, who makes plans to take Hannah back to the hotel so that he can get to the hospital.

Meanwhile, as Miami residents load up their cars with emergency supplies at a grocery store, Saxon walks through the parking lot, dripping blood, and violently carjacks a guy.

Deb wakes up in the recovery room to find Dex at her bedside. "Why aren't you in Argentina?" she asks.

"Why do you think?" Dex retorts.

She starts rambling about how they never went hiking — even though they live in the flatlands of Florida. Dex watches her, concern in his eyes.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" she demands. "Or is that just your face?"

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Dex expresses guilt over screwing up her life, but she won't hear of it. "It's not yours to screw up," she tells him. "I don't want you to feel guilty about this. I don't want you to feel guilty about anything. You deserve to be happy so go f—king be happy."

The good doctor comes in and says that she's optimistic about Deb's recovery, announcing that the bullet bounced around but didn't hit anything important.

Deb wants Dex to go chase his happiness. "The next word I wanna hear you say is goodbye. Say it already or I'll crawl out of this f—king bed and kick your ass."

"Goodbye," he says.

"I'll see you soon," says she.

Leaving her room, Dex reveals to Harrison that that hospital is the very same one in which Harrison was born.

Cue flashback. Deb, with much-shorter hair, congratulates Dex on the arrival of his newborn son, Harrison. It's sad to see how bright and shiny Deb is, knowing how damaged she's become in the intervening years.

Back to present day, Elway arrives at the scene and threatens Dex. "Storm's coming, buddy," he seethes. "And it's gonna be real hard to find a way out."

Meanwhile, Saxon barges into a vet's office and demands that the guy stitch him up.

Hannah suggests taking an evacuation bus up to Jacksonville, and Dex agrees.

The vet finishes stitching Saxon's arm and begs for his life. Saxon demands that he drive him somewhere.

Dex puts Hannah and Harrison on the bus, but before he does, Harrison hugs him. "You know what, Daddy?" he says. "I love Hannah."

The hapless vet drives Saxon to the hospital, who thanks him by cutting off his tongue and sending him into the ER to create a diversion. The bloody ploy works, and Saxon slips in unnoticed.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Dex catches up with him, though, and the two of them square off. Dex stalks toward him, and Saxon raises his gun, but Batista comes out of nowhere and puts his gun to Saxon's temple before Saxon can fire a shot. The cops arrest Saxon. (But don't think that that's the end for this big bad.)

Dex is startled to see that Deb's hospital room is empty. Quinn says that Deb stopped breathing and had to be taken to the ICU.

Deb's surgeon explains that there were complications — a clot that formed during surgery which caused Deb to have a stroke, depriving her brain of oxygen.

"She won't be able to think, reason, or even know that you're there," the doctor tells a devastated Dex.

Another flashback: Deb reassures a nervous Dex as he looks at his new son. "I know you're gonna be a great father," she says, "because you've always been a great big brother."

"You were so wrong, Deb," Dex says via voiceover, back in the present day.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

On the bus, in a genuinely sweet motherly moment, Hannah tells Harrison about Argentina until he falls asleep. As soon as he does, a hand grabs Hannah's arm: It's Elway.

He says that one of his contacts tipped him off about her whereabouts, and that he'll turn her in and give Harrison to Child Protective Services once the bus reaches Daytona.

At Miami Metro, Quinn and Batista prepare to interrogate Saxon as Dex watches.

"Dex, we're gonna nail this asshole to the wall, I promise you," Batista touts. "For Deb."

Via narration, Dex says that he's confident that Quinn and Batista will build a case against Saxon. "I could leave now for Argentina and let the state of Florida kill him," he muses. (And just like that, we know that that is exactly what he won't do.)

Back on the bus, Hannah offers Elway tea, but he sees through her poisonous scheme. Good thing she has a back-up plan: She injects him with horse tranquilizer. He passes out, and Hannah and Harrison make their escape.

Dex confronts Saxon in a holding cell. "In one sharp moment," he says, "you took away this foolish dream that I could have a happy life."

Saxon asks why Dex is there. "I'm here to kill you with that pen," Dex announces, referring to a ballpoint on the table between them.

Saxon grabs it and punctures Dexter in the shoulder, but Dexter yanks the pen out and and stabs Saxon in the neck, nailing the carotid artery. Saxon bleeds out on the floor.

Dex presses the panic button and suddenly plays scared as the guards rush in.

Later, Batista and Quinn watch the surveillance footage from the encounter with Dexter — the video clearly showing Dexter killing Saxon with knowing precision.

"It's obviously self-defense," Quinn says.

"Yeah," Batista concurs.

They let Dexter go, behind him 100 percent.

Dex goes home and unmoors his boat, Slice of Life. "As much as I may have pretended otherwise, for so long I've wanted to be like other, to feel what they felt," he narrates. "But now that I do, I just want it to stop."

He drives his boat to the hospital, where he goes to Deb's room.

"I would change everything if I could," he says, clutching her near-lifeless hand. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't leave you like this. I'm your big brother."

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

He turns off the life support and removes all the tubes and wires from her body. "I love you, Deb."

He carries her body out to his boat, taking it far asea.

Just then, Hannah calls. She and Harrison are boarding the Argentina-bound plane.

"I am so happy right now, Dex," she says.

"Me too," he lies.

He says goodbye to Harrison, telling him to remember every day that his father loves him. Then he drops the cell phone into the ocean.

He turns to Deb, cradling her head for a moment before picking up her body and dropping it into the ocean. He watches Deb's body sink.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

"I destroy everyone I love," he intones. "I can't let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison. I have to protect them from me."

He drives Slice of Life straight into the heart of the storm.

Later, as the sun shines brightly on Miami, a Coast Guard boat comes across the wreckage of Dexter's boat. At Miami Metro, Batista hears the bad news.

In Buenos Aires, Hannah reads an article about Dexter's death on her tablet. She loses her composure for a moment — appearing to be both anguished and furious — then pulls herself together for Harrison, suggesting that they go have ice cream.

Credit: Randy Tepper/Showtime © 2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Fade out — and then fade in. We see a logging camp, where a trucker unloads logs from his rig. It's a heavily-bearded Dexter.

He returns to his lonely cabin and sits at his desk. After a moment of reflection, he stares directly at the camera.

And that's it, folks. The end of the series. Is it a fitting end? Or do you wanna take the writers to a room covered in plastic, if you catch our drift? Sound off below.

Dan Clarendon is an assistant editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow him on Twitter and Google+!

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