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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: You Won’t Believe How Often They Talk!

We've been hearing rumors about Selena Gomez heating things up with Union J hottie George Shelley. But does she still actually want Justin Bieber to come and get it?

We keep waiting for Justin and Selena to patch things up yet again, as they seem to have done a bajillion times before. But could their most recent split be for good?

Selena is now dating boy band cutie George, and they have reportedly been on several steamy dates. And Justin recently took new gal pal Jacque Pyles to the Bahamas.

But what about Jelena's future? Don't hold your breath for a reconciliation anytime soon. Unless you're really good at holding your breath.

“Justin who?,” a friend of Selena's jokes to Hollywood Life. “She doesn’t talk to Justin at all ever anymore.”

Say what?! We were convinced that the two would at least stay friends, since they've been through so much together. But apparently, that's not the case. At least, not right now.

We think it's a good idea for the two to take plenty of time to themselves for now. Still, we'd be kinda bummed if they never talk again. C'mon, you guys it's Justin and Selena. They have to stay close, right??

Source: Hollywood Life