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Real Housewives of Miami

Alexia Echevarria: Joanna Shouldn’t Have Asked Lisa to Choose Weddings

Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria doesn't approve of Joanna Krupa giving Lisa Hochstein a wedding ultimatum.

"I don't think it's fair or appropriate for Joanna to have Lisa choose to walk in her wedding or Adriana’s," Alexia writes in her Bravo blog. "Why an ultimatum? She criticized Adriana and Marysol for doing that with me, and now she's doing the same to Lisa."

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So which wedding does Alexia think Lisa should attend? "I feel Lisa can participate in both if she wants to do and accepts," Alexia says.

Alexia says that her son Peter's confrontation with the taxi cab driver during this week's photo shoot was an eye-opener. "This incident at the shoot was the turning point for Peter and for me," she writes. "For Peter, because he realized he needed to take control of his life and his behavior. In one second because of a bad decision, he could be in jail or even worse dead. For me, because I realized that Peter needed help desperately. Things were a lot worse than what I thought they were."

Alexia says she took a more hands-on approach with Peter after the incident. "Peter himself was lost in his grief [after our family's drama] and didn't know how to cope with his pain," Alexia explains. "Just like I saved Frankie, I needed to save Peter. I took his car away, money, and most importantly, his friends. It was fine with him, because now he was ready. You sometimes have to hit rock bottom to wake up and react."

We're glad Alexia and her boys seem to be on a good path, and we're wishing their family all the best.

Source: Alexia's Bravo blog