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First Listen: Rachel and Kurt’s Beatles’ “Get Back” in Glee Season 5, Episode 2

Ladies and gentlemen, Hummelberry is back! We can’t get enough of Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) duets, and the supremely talented duo will be team up as soon as Glee’s Season 5, Episode 2: “Tina in the Sky With Diamonds.”

Glee has released the full audio for all of the songs from it’s two Beatles episodes, and include among them is the group’s 1969 hit, “Get Back.”

Kurt kicks it off, accompanied by a bold and enthusiastic piano. “Jo Jo was a man who thought he was a loner / But he knew it couldn't last / Jo Jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona / For some California grass.”

Rachel chimes in with him on the chorus. “Get back, get back / Get back to where you once belonged / Get back, get back / Get back to where you once belonged / Get back Jo Jo.”

We’re treated to plenty of fun vocal riffs, and it’s easy to imagine Rachel and Kurt smiling at each other, dancing happily around as the belt out the energetic tune.

In addition to this song, Rachel and Kurt are also both featured in Glee’s version of “Let It Be,” alongside Santana, Kitty, and Artie. The rest of the songs in this episode will be sung by their co-stars.

What do you think of “Get Back” — is it everything you could have wanted in a Hummelberry tune? Head down below and let us know your thoughts?

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