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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars’ Jack Osbourne on Sister Kelly’s Advice and Daughter Pearl’s Milestones

Jack Osbourne has been wowing the judges and fans on Dancing With the Stars 2013, but high scores with partner Cheryl Burke aren’t the only things he takes away from the show. Recently, the 27-year-old revealed that his busy DWTS schedule has helped him cope with his multiple sclerosis and his wife Lisa’s tragic miscarriage.

In addition to the helpful distraction of rehearsals, he also has a few other beacons of light to help him: his adorable daughter, Pearl, and his loving family (all of whom were in the audience for his Week 2 performance on September 23).

When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with Jack at The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy party over the weekend, he revealed that his family has been giving him advice — especially sister Kelly, who came in third place in Season 9. (However, his mom tries her best, too.)

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“My mom can’t really [give advice] … she just says, ‘Go out there and have fun!’” he told reporters at THR’s party. “Kelly is more of the tip-giver, the advice-giver, so she’s like, ‘Just embrace it, have fun,” and that whole thing.”

While Sharon may not be able to help him with his dance moves, she does help him in another big way: babysitting his daughter, Pearl! Actually, both of his parents (including Ozzy) love to — wait for it — watch Finding Nemo with the 1-year-old cutie.

“They’ll babysit and I’ll leave Pearl with mum for the afternoon or something or that kind of thing,” Jack said. “They inevitably just end up … she’s obsessed with Finding Nemo, so they end up just watching what Pearl calls ‘Momo.’” All together now: aww!

“Momo” isn’t the only word that the tiny tot is saying now. “Pearl is like a little humanoid now. She can like say things and kind of roughly express her opinion on things,” Jack explained. “You can be like, ‘Do you want this?’ [and she’ll say] ‘No!’ [or] ‘Yes!’ It’s kind of cool.”

Are you surprised at Kelly’s advice and how quickly Pearl is learning? Sound off below!

Reporting by Carita Rizzo.

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