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Nashville Season 2 Spoilers: Is Romance Ahead For Juliette and Avery?

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is still grieving the sudden death of her mother, but eventually the country cutie will begin to heal, and with that comes a new love interest. Nashville showrunner Dee Johnson recently chatted with TVLine about Juliette’s trajectory for Season 2 and she shared some interesting tidbits about what’s to come for the troubled songbird.

Noting that Juliette will slowly emerge from the loss of her mom, Dee sees her evolution this season occurring in stages. “She had such an emotional journey with her mom last season – and what’s happened with Rayna, too – initially she throws herself into work like most people do when they’re dealing with grief,” Dee explains.

Part of Juliette’s re-entrance into the world after such a loss also means that the world-famous musician will try to “protect her heart as much as she can.”

Still, Dee and the writers plan to stay true to Juliette’s character. “But how long can a person do that?,” she adds with a laugh. “She’s gotta open herself up eventually to a true, emotional romantic situation. And that’s going to unfold along the course of the season.”

Even though Dee didn’t divulge much more about J’s upcoming “romantic situation”, when Avery was mentioned as someone who will be in the young singer’s orbit this season Dee quickly confirmed it.

Does this mean that Juliette will get hot and heavy with Scarlett's ex? It sure sounds that way to us! Do you think Juliette and Avery will make a good couple? Vote below!

Nashville airs at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TVLine