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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers: Relationship Roundup — Who’s Gettin’ Some?

The Walking Dead is not a soap opera. And yet, it’s totally a soap opera. Sex, lies, cheating, surprising hookups (Andrea with Shane and The Governor?!), and that old TV standby — the will-they-or-won’t-they couple (you know we’re talking about you, “Caryl”).

Season 4 starts October 13, and that’s when we’ll see how those 50-odd people from Woodbury have settled into prison life. Will the cell blocks start steaming up with new couples? Here’s a roundup of the relationships that are already happening, will happen, may happen, and better freakin’ happen eventually.

Glenn & Maggie — These two lovebirds are engaged. In soap opera terms, they’re the couple who gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and talk about forever … and then five minute later something awful happens to one of them. Their favorite hookup spot — the guard tower — is now gone, but the prison has been renovated, so they should have some privacy for their lovin’. We’re even curious as to whether Maggie might get pregnant this season. It’s possible!

Tyreese & Karen — Tyreese is a hunk, so it’s no surprise that someone scooped him up. In one of the new sneak peeks, we see Tyreese getting cozy with Karen, another former Woodbury person. (Not that Tyreese was in Woodbury for very long.) But we’re worried for these two — specifically for Karen, since the trailers have shown Tyreese holding flowers as he walks outside and stops in his tracks to gaze down at something in horror. At first we thought maybe something had happened to his sister Sasha (and maybe that’s still true), but after the Tyreese/Karen clip we’re wondering if he loses his girlfriend. A thoughtful bouquet should never go to waste!

Zack & … Beth, maybe? It’s about time Zack found love, right? ... Yeah, no, we don’t know who Zack is either. All we know is what showrunner Scott Gimple teased to IGN: "We have a character we haven't talked much about, this character Zack played by Kyle Gallner (Veronica Mars, Smallville). He has a romantic relationship with one of the characters. That's a way very quickly that you get to know him. He's not one of our major new characters, but you get to know a lot about him real quick." The actor is 26, so he may get romantic with someone relatively young. Maybe Beth? Those “not major” and “real quick” clues hint to a short courtship. Maybe he dates Beth and dies and that’s why Beth hugs Daryl in the trailer — for support?

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Daryl & Carol?: “Caryl” shippers have been waiting four seasons for this to happen. But … should it? It’s like any will-they-won’t-they flirtation, part of the magic is in what’s not said and not done. Would it ruin their relationship to go to the next level? Are they just meant to be friends? Carol is a lot stronger than she was in Season 1 — she’s a spitfire who stood up to Merle Dixon and really earned her place as Daryl’s peer. She doesn’t need to be saved by him (or anyone) anymore. But some people out there don’t want “Caryl” to happen. There are even some Daryl and Beth shippers out there who would love to see him with the cute blonde teen. Norman Reedus himself is fond of the idea of Beth crushing on Daryl, but he also said if Daryl and Carol got together he would want it to be “awkward” with Carol making the first move. For the record, if Daryl does hook up with anyone — which does not need to happen this season or ever — we think it should be Rick Glenn Carol. Definitely not Beth.

Rick & Michonne?: Rick and Michonne are very similar — both hot, quiet, intense, earnest, loyal, total badasses — and seem to have a great chemistry. Robert Kirkman said Rick won’t have romance on his mind so soon after Lori’s death (at least half a year has passed), but if he ever gets over her and decides he’s ready for Lady Love #2, he could do a lot worse than Michonne. Who can forget their insta-family bonding on the road trip to Rick’s old town? In that one day, Michonne spent more time with Carl than Lori did for most of the first three seasons. Mich has a good connection with Carl. He seems to respect her, and it’s hard to get through to that kid sometimes. So Michonne is already in a good position for stepmom duty — and if Beth ever lets anyone else hold Judith, she could even bond with Rick’s baby. Bonus: She might not even cheat on him!

What do you think — are you Team Caryl or Team Richonne, or whatever? Do you care about any of the potential couples of Season 4, or are you just here for the blood and guts?