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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Rob Pattinson’s New Girlfriend More “Secure” Than Kristen Stewart, Say His Pals

It's sounding like a number of Robert Pattinson's friends aren't exactly on Team Robsten.

The Twilight hunk is reportedly dating 22-year-old model Dylan Penn, meaning his relationship with Kristen Stewart is in the past, and his friends apparently couldn't be happier, according to Life & Style.

So do Rob's friends think Dylan is more "secure" than Kristen? It sure sounds that way. “Rob needs someone secure enough to handle the pressures fame brings,” says one of his pals. Ouch!

Another friend apparently likes that Dylan is interested in fame, which sounds like another dig at Kristen. "Dylan is perfect for Rob because her family tries to live their lives out of the spotlight,” the second of Rob's friends says.

If we were Kristen, we wouldn't appreciate these comments, especially since these friends of Robert's were probably friends with Kristen when the couple was still together.

So are Rob's friends right, and will Roblan withstand the test of time? We shall see.

Source: Life & Style via Hollywood Life