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Nicki Minaj Splurges on a 2014 Lamborghini — And Plans to Paint It Pink! (PHOTO)

Remember back in the day when Nicki Minaj drove around in a bright pink Lamborghini in the video for her debut single "Massive Attack"? Well now that Nicki's a bonafide superstar, she's got enough cash money to afford her very own Lambo. But instead of a Murciélago, Nicki splurged on its successor — the Aventador!

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"She want me cuz she seen me in dat aventador. Pull up on da curb so crazy I done bent da door," Nicki posted to Instagram on September 29. "Thx @exoticeurocarsla, now make it pink!!!!"

That's quite the demand, but when you're dropping almost half a million dollars on a luxury Italian sports car that's been dubbed "the best Lamborghini ever" by Car and Driver magazine, you're allowed to be demanding, right?

If you're thinking about following in Nicki's footsteps and splurging on this sweet set of wheels, you should probably know that Lamborghini is only producing a total of 4,000. And fellow rapper Chris Brown owns one of them, which he got painted like a Nike shoe. Also, he's 24. But we digress…

According to The Car Connection, Lamborghini will paint your Aventador any hue you'd like, so we have no doubt that Nicki will eventually get her wish. We'd also venture to guess that her limited edition Lambo comes standard with "Super Bass." See what we did there?

What do you think of Nicki's set of wheels? Should she paint them pink to match her hair?

09.30.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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