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Real Housewives of Orange County

Heather Dubrow’s Baby Girl Collette’s First Day of Dance Class (PHOTO)

You may want to give earplugs to everyone around you, as we can guarantee that you're about to squeal at a deafening decibel when you see this photo of Heather Dubrow's daughter at dance class.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star has taken to Instagram to post a photo of two-year-old daughter Collette's first dance class. We'll say that if you don't find this photo ridiculously adorable, you just might be dead inside. No offense.

"Collette's first day of dance class!" Heather's captions the shot. "#tapandballet#spidermanlunchbox #Cocobean." Three words: Too. Freakin'. Cute.

Credit: Instagram    

"So bittersweet to watch Coco at dance class!" Heather adds on Twitter. "She's growing up so fast!!"

We love everything about this photo, from the blinged-out necklace because what self-respecting ballerina doesn't wear a huge amulet while dancing? to the Spiderman lunchbox. And how fab is that updo of hers?

Indeed, Collette really is growing up. She's definitely no longer the rambunctious toddler who gave dad Terry so much trouble recently when he was playing Mr. Mom.

So between this and Heather's older daughter Maximillia recently spending some time singing in a recording studio, we love that the Dubrow brood is pursuing the arts and finding their talents.

Let's just say there better be some footage of little Collette's fancy footwork during the show's upcoming Season 9.

Source: Heather's Twitter, Instagram