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New Mom Heather Morris’s Love, Taylor Hubbell: 5 Things to Know

Back in April, Us Weekly announced that Glee’s favorite cheerleader, Heather Morris (Brittany) was reportedly expecting a baby with her longtime love Taylor Hubbell. This Saturday, September 28, 2013, Heather and Taylor welcomed their baby son into the world. Elijah Hubbell is doing well — he even has his mom's nose! — and we couldn't be more excited to see photos of the little guy. But now that Heather is officially a mother, the 26-year-old has decided to leave Glee behind, at least til the end of Season 5, in order to focus on her new family.

That raises the obvious question: Who is Taylor Hubbell anyway? Heather keeps her life fairly private and social media-free, so we really haven’t seen much of her boyfriend up until now. Here are your top five things to know about Heather’s long-time love and the father of her adorable little Cheerio.

5. He’s a regular guy, not a Hollywood actor.

While some actresses prefer to date men also in the business, Heather would much rather date an average joe. Taylor went to Louisiana for college before moving to Hollywood to live with his girlfriend in January 2012.

4. He’s a baseball player.

While still in college, Taylor played baseball for the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns. We’re not sure if the former pitcher has kept up with the game after graduating in college, but we can already imagine him teaching their little one how to play catch. Better watch out. If he’s anything like his dad, this kid’s throw will have some serious speed!

3. He’s supportive of her career, and often joins her on the red carpet.

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Taylor held his girlfriend’s hand as she walked the red carpet for Glee: The 3D Concert Movie premiere in Los Angeles back in summer 2011. The duo also cuddled on the red carpet at the March 2013 premiere for Heather’s raunchy new movie, Spring Breakers.

2. They met in high school.

Taylor’s Facebook reveals that he went to Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale, Arizona —  the same high school Heather attended! We love the idea of high school sweethearts who stay together long-term. She went off to L.A. for her dancing career and to star on Glee, while he traveled down south for college. A few years later, they’re still together — and happily shacked up in L.A.

1. She’s wanted to marry him for a while now!

Back in 2011, Heather told Fitness magazine, "I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him ... I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue." Now that Heather and Taylor have a little one on the way, it seems like they just might be ready to take the plunge into wedded bliss. What do you think: Are wedding bells in Heather’s future?