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Glee Season 5: Is Someone Joining the Army?

It’s no secret that Glee’s upcoming October 10 tribute to Cory Monteith will be immensely sad. But will one of the characters’ grief over the death of Finn Hudson cause them to make an impulsive life change?

Back in the beginning of Season 4, Finn had enlisted in the Army, but was later semi-honorably discharged after accidentally shooting himself in the leg. Now, it seems that Finn’s shocking death just might cause one of his friends to sign up for the military as well to pay tribute to him.

A photo has been revealed online of a room from the Glee set that will be used for a “military base scene,” according to one Glee insider. Meanwhile, internet rumors are abuzz that it’s Puck (Mark Salling) who may be joining the Army after finding out about Finn’s death in Season 5, Episode 3: “The Quarterback.”

So is this true? Well, we do know that Puck will appear in both Episodes 3 and 4 this season. After that, he might not be around much, since Mark will be off filming the lead role in a new TV movie. Plus, Puck and Finn were certainly very close, so we imagine Puck perhaps doing something drastic upon learning of his death.

That said, Puck’s not really one for authority and following the rules, so it’s a little hard to imagine him thriving in the military. And we’re still hoping Puck will continue pursuing his writing career. Some of his movie ideas seemed a little weird, but hey, the guy’s got promise. So will Puck ditch the pen and paper to join the army and be all that he can be? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out for sure.

Source: TheGleeSpoiler on Twitter

Credit: Twitter    

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