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Teen Mom 3

Alexandria Sekella’s Baby Daddy Matt McCann Confirms Overdose: “I Flatlined For Over Three Minutes”

Our jaws were dropping all over the floor when Alexandria Sekella found out that her baby daddy, Matt McCann, had been rushed to hospital after an apparent overdose during this week's dramatic episode of Teen Mom 3.

Matt had claimed that he was 100 percent clean, but his refusal to check himself into a sober home definitely set off alarm bells, and sadly Alex didn't seem surprised to hear that he had overdosed. So, what exactly happened to Matt?

This hunk took it to Twitter to explain a few things. "I overdosed on April 30th," he tweeted, adding "I was rushed to the hospital and I flatlined for over three minutes. I went to court today for drug paraphernalia from that overdose."

Matt went on to explain that his mom called 911 after finding him lying next to the drugs that caused him to overdose. Despite the fact that he was caught with a "needle, a used dope bag, and some rolling papers," it looks like the judge let him off easy.

"It could have been probation for a year and a 2500 fine BUT the judge and the DA liked me and saw how much I have changed," he tweeted, adding, "so all I got was 150$ fine and court fees."

Matt is lucky to be alive, and we're happy to report that he's currently sober and engaged to his girlfriend of one year, Lekota Koch! Sigh, we love nothing more than a backwoods Teen Mom wedding. Camo cake, anyone?

10.2.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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