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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

Rob Pattinson Avoiding THIS Mistake With Dylan Penn — Thanks to K-Stew

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship is sadly over, but on the bright side, Rob appears to be learning from mistakes he made with her to have better luck with romances in the future.

Robert has never been a big fan of displaying affection in public, but his experiences with Kristen have made him realize that he wants to avoid PDA at all costs, according to Hollywood Life.

Rob is currently dating 23-year-old model Dylan Penn, and we haven't seen any photos of them kissing in public because, well... they haven't been kissing in public. But fear not it's not for a lack of chemistry.

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“He wouldn’t want to be photographed with Dylan because he has learned a lot from his dating life with Kristen to avoid these types of situations,” a source says.

Apparently, Rob and Dylan plan to keep any kissing and hand-holding to the privacy of their own homes, meaning away from paparazzi and even away from their family and friends. Rob seems to have decided that too much media scrutiny can hurt a relationship.

So did Rob's relationship with Kristen indeed suffer because the media was too aware of every time they were affectionate? Well, we can't imagine that was the only reason for the break-up. (Translation: We're sure the infidelity didn't help matters.)

But if taking things slow will help Rob and Dylan, we're all for it! That said, Dylan is clearly a stronger person than we are, because if we were dating Rob, we'd want to be making out with him 24/7.

Source: Hollywood Life