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Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Is Going to be a Grandfather — Dog Nietzsche Is Giving Birth! (PHOTO)

Ian Somerhalder really knows how to surprise us. Out of the blue on October 2, the Vampire Diaries star announced that he’s going to be a grandfather!

No, Ian didn’t find out he has an estranged child who happens to be a teen mom — his dog, Nietzsche, is pregnant and is set to give birth any time now. He just rescued the adorable pup near the TVD stages in August and yes, he did get her spayed early in September, but apparently that didn’t affect her pregnancy. We’re unsure if Ian got her spayed to prevent further pregnancies or if he even knew she was expecting, but either way, he’s excited to welcome eight puppies into his home.

“The calm before the storm...Launching Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries & preparing for the launch of a whole part of life-being a GRANDFATHER. Yup-I've got my hand on a belly with 8 little ones about to explode out into the world,” he captioned the Instagram pic of him hugging Nietzsche’s belly. “What I thought was one rescue become 9-Mama Nietzsche is a trooper-babies coming in about 48hrs... Aunt @thejram & Uncle @polivierjr GET READY for some BABIES! 2 cats 9 dogs- is that considered a hoarder???”

Credit: Ian Somerhalder on Instagram    

Luckily for Ian, we don’t think 11 pets is considered hoarding, though given Ian’s animal activism, we’re sure he’ll find good homes for all of the new grandpups. Hey, maybe all of the main stars of TVD and The Originals will take one home. Ain’t no family like a Vampire Diaries family.

There is one person who is definitely equally excited for Ian and Nietz: Ian’s friend (and ex), Nina Dobrev. She immediately replied to his tweet of the pic, writing, “@iansomerhalder wait, did she give birth??? Is she giving birth now ?!?!!!” Hopefully we’ll get an update from Ian soon.

Are you surprised that Ian is a grandfather? Sound off below, and stay tuned for more info about his grandpuppies!

Catch the Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere tonight, October 3, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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