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Justin Bieber Spit in Neighbor’s Face, Threatened to Kill Him: Report (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Justin Bieber is in the clear! According to TMZ, a judge has thrown out two court cases that the Biebs was facing, including one involving him alleging spitting on his neighbor and another of his allegedly reckless driving in his neighborhood.

In throwing out the spit-related case, the judge admitted that Justin's behavior was "disproportionate and immature, but since the neighbor had entered the property without invitation, Bieber's actions did not rise to the level of a criminal threat."

By the way, we have to point out that the guy who got spat on actually saved Justin's loogie in a jar. Somehow, we're guessing the guy can cover his legal fees and then some with the amount of money he could get for that loogie on eBay.

And for the reckless driving one, the judge explains that Justin wasn't in his Ferrari when the car was being videotaped, and the judge also points out the rapper Tyler, the Creator took the blame for driving it.

All in all, we'd say this was a pretty swaggy day for Justin.

Original story: Does Justin Bieber just need somebody to love spit on?

The pop singer was reportedly involved in an altercation with his neighbor on March 26, with onlookers and police saying that Justin spat in his neighbor's face and threatened to kill him, according to TMZ.

Word has it that Justin's new Ferrari had arrived at his Calabasas home in the morning, and so Justin reportedly decided to test it out in his gated community. 

Neighbors claim that Justin was going dangerously fast, with the complaining neighbor claiming he was going as fast as 100 mph.

The neighbor  who is a 47-year-old successful businessman and father of three children  claims he went onto Justin's property and screamed at Justin, "You can't drive like this!"

The neighbor tells the cops that Justin told him, "Get the f out of here," and that Justin then spat in his face and said, "I'm gonna fing kill you." It's so nice when neighbors calmly work out their differences.

The man has filed a battery report against Justin, and he apparently won't back down until the Biebs is prosecuted.

We're hoping these allegations aren't true, as Justin appears to keep getting himself into more and more trouble.

And the ironic thing is, that neighbor could probably make a ton of money by selling Justin's spit on eBay.

Source: TMZ

10.3.2013 / 07:54 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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