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Cory Monteith Tribute: Ryan Murphy Hints Why Dianna Agron’s Not In It

We’re looking forward to next week’s Glee tribute to Cory Monteith, Season 5, Episode 3: “The Quarterback,” in part because we’ll get to see so many of Finn’s old New Directions pals come back to say goodbye to him. But one person who won’t appear in the episode is Quinn (Dianna Agron) and now we seem to be learning a possible reason for her absence.

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Dianna had previously said she was surprised that she was never asked to appear in the tribute episode. But now, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tells Huffington Post that he put anyone in the episode who asked to be in it. So did Dianna just not speak up soon enough?

“What I loved about it is, you know when you write something like that, there's no right way to do it, so we wrote it and we put people who were under contract to the show in it, and a lot of the actors contacted me and said, 'I just love him so much — can I please be a part of it?'” Ryan explains. “So we put those people in.”

“Iqbal [Theba], for example, who plays the principal and is now the janitor, was not written into that episode, but personally called up [co-creator] Brad [Falchuk] and I and said, 'For him, I want to be in it,” Ryan continues.

Ryan doesn’t mention Dianna by name in this interview, but he seems to be addressing her complaint. And her absence is conspicuous, not only because of Quinn’s history with Finn, but also because the only other original glee member who isn’t in the episode is Brittany, since Heather Morris was pregnant at the time. (Oh, and Matt. Sorry, Matt!) So we get why she’d be hurt.

Do you think Dianna should have known to contact Ryan? Or is there another reason why Ryan didn’t include her?

Source: Huffington Post

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