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The Originals

The Originals Premiere: 10 Burning Questions — Who Is Davina? How Long Will Elijah Be Staked?

The Originals premiered last night, further exploring an entirely new corner of The Vampire Diariesfictional universe and leaving us with many burning questions to ponder. Here are our top ten!

Why are Davina and Marcel so close?

The final minutes of the premiere revealed Marcel’s secret weapon: a teenaged witch with the power to determine when and who is using magic in the French Quarter. She lives in some sort of attic space known only to Marcel. We’re not sure what history these two characters share, but they are close close enough for Davina to help Marcel subjugate her fellow witches. We are dying to learn more about this intriguing relationship.

How long will Elijah stay staked?

We can’t imagine that one of the show’s main characters will stay staked for long presumably Elijah will stay in his classy coffin until Rebekah gets her butt to New Orleans and figures out what Klaus has done. We don’t think this is going to go over well.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network, LLC    

How far will Sophie go?

In last night’s episode, Sophie seemed ready to kill Hayley and her unborn child for the cause - but was that just the grief over losing her sister talking? Would she really go through with such grievous an act, even if it meant enacting Klaus and Elijah’s rage (i.e. the subsequent deaths of her fellow witches).

Will this baby have any superpowers?

The term “miracle baby” was thrown around a lot in last night’s episode, but what does that mean? Sure, his/her existence is unprecedented, but let’s get to the serious questions: will he/she have any superpowers? With a werewolf mother and hybrid father, this baby better be able to fly or something.

What is up with Cami?

So far, we really like the bartender with a psychology degree Cami, but we’re not really sure what role she can play in this supernatural playground. What connection does Cami have to Marcel and/or the witches, and what connection will she have moving forward? Actress Leah Pipes has said she has had scenes with everyone but Davina so far, which doesn’t give us much to go on. What is your deal, Cami?

How close were Klaus and Marcel before?

We’ve been dropped a lot of hints that Klaus and Marcel were besties back in the day, but we still want to know more about this mentor/mentee relationship. How did these two meet? What brought about Klaus’ decision to turn Marcel? And, how did they leave things? We have a feeling answers to these questions will be sprinkling throughout the season, and we’re dying to pick them up.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network, LLC    

Why does Marcel hate the witches?

We can’t help but wonder if there is a deeper reason for Marcel wanting to keep the witches in subjugation. Sure, it could just be because he wants control of the Quarter, and he sees the witches as threats to that control, but is it something more than that? Have the witches slighted him in the past?

Is Hayley going to fight back?

We know Hayley’s hands are tied what with the spellbinding her well-being to Sophie’s, but she seemed a little passive in last night’s ep. She’s not some wilting flower. She’s a scheming werewolf who can take care of herself. We hope she gets her act together in future eps and starts making some decisions for herself, versus letting the Mikaelsons take the reins on her life.

How will Elijah react to his staking?

Watching Elijah’s expression of realization, anger, and sadness after Klaus staked him was heartbreaking (and impressive acting on Daniel Gillies part). Assuming that Elijah won’t stay staked for long, we wonder what Elijah’s reaction will be to his baby brother’s most recent betrayal. Sure, Klaus seemed to be doing the staking for somewhat noble reasons (i.e. he loves Elijah, and that love can be used against him), but it was still a dick move. Will Elijah forgive him?

Will Klaus be the worst father ever?

We’re intrigued by this baby’s role as the path to Klaus’ redemption, but we can’t help but think that if Klaus doesn’t start shaping up soon he’s going to be the worst father ever. If that way Klaus deals with his love for Elijah is by staking him to keep him safe, we can only imagine how he might react to the paternal instincts that may take over after Baby Mikaelson’s birth.

What burning questions did you have after watching last night’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, followed by the season premiere of Supernatural.

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