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Kendall Jenner

Did Kendall Jenner Get an Extreme Spine Tattoo?

Whoa! We freaked out a little when we saw this photo on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram. In the pic, it appears as though Ken got her spine tattooed with... a drawing of a human spine. (How meta!) Did the 17-year-old model spend her weekend getting some extreme ink, or is this a temporary tat?

Well, while it may be done with permanent ink, this doodle is just Sharpie-pen-permanent, not tattoo-permanent. In other words, it won’t take lasers to remove this baby — just a really good loofah. While we think this is actually a pretty cool tattoo idea (and the execution is fantastic!), it does seem like a pretty drastic body modification, especially given Kendall’s burgeoning modeling career.

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Kendall’s body art appears to be the result of two bored friends killing time. Kendall’s friend Nat Wood shared a second pic of the impressive (fake) ink, rightly dubbing herself and Kendall “Sharpie tat queens.” This isn’t the first time Kendall’s doodled herself. In February, she sported a giant, back “tattoo” inspired by Native American art, and a subtler neck piece in July. Hey, maybe if this modeling / reality fame thing doesn’t pan out, Kendall and Nat can set up shop with Kat Von D?

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10.7.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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