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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Fan Video: Daryl and Carol’s Beautiful, Complicated Relationship (VIDEO)

Caryl shippers are so devoted to the eventual union of Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier that random songs on the radio will remind them of their favorite couple-that-isn't. Like this fan — Miss Reedus on YouTube, appropriately — who heard "Counting Stars" by Onerepublic on the radio and wrote down the lyrics so she could make a video when she got home.

Our heartstrings get tugged seeing all the scenes of Daryl and Carol both interacting with the flower that Daryl left on Carol's grave in "Say the Word," back when the group thought Carol had been killed. Then our heartstrings are pretty much ripped out with all the scenes of the pair doting on baby Judith Grimes together like one big happy family.

Miss Reedus chooses some pretty emotionally-charged clips for this video, but it fits — one of the reasons we love Caryl is the shared, complicated grief of the two characters.

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