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Real Housewives of Miami

Real Housewives of Miami Season 3 Sneak Peek: Who Leaves Adriana’s Wedding Early? (VIDEO)

Adriana De Moura's wedding in next week's Real Housewives of Miami episode looks unbelievably romantic. But one person isn't having such a great time and actually leaves early. Drama!

In a preview video clip from the episode, things between Lisa Hochstein and husband Leonard get heated when he gets tired and decides to leave just as the wedding reception is starting.

"I wanna go home," Leonard tells her, leading to Lisa responding, "You're being such an ahole."

At that, Leonard bails, much to Lisa's chagrin. "I am not happy right now," she informs him as he leaves.

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Apparently, the issue is that the wedding went later than Lenny realized it would, since Adriana took a long time getting ready for the ceremony. "I understand they took longer than everyone thought, but you can't leave your wife here," Lisa says about Lenny. "You're part of the wedding party."

Finally, Lisa decides to go outside to chase Lenny down just before he gets into a limo. "Lenny, you can't leave me," she tells him. "Do you know what, this is very rude, okay?"

"I'm like a widow — I'm always alone," Lisa adds dramtically. "Just stay with your wife."

So does he decide to stay? You'll have to watch the clip to find out! And here we thought weddings were supposed to be joyous occasions.

Source: Bravo