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Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Explains the Terms of Her Probation: I Can’t Break the Law For 18 Months

Remember back in April when Jenelle Evans was arrested for heroin possession? Not good times, guys. Not good times. Luckily, Jenelle was sprung from the clink by her trusty lawyer, the super-hunk known as Dustin "Dusty" Sullivan, but she didn't get off completely scot-free. Jenelle's currently on probation, which means she'll be in major hot water if she breaks the law!

So, what are the terms of Jenelley's probation? Not that harsh, surprisingly.

"Wow, Guys I do not have a probation officer at all that I need to report to. I'm on unsupervised probation in the state of NC," she explained to fans on October 8, adding "This means no breaking a law in the state of NC for 18 months."

Good thing Jenelle currently lives in South Carolina with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. These two are sober from hard drugs and luvin' it, but unfortunately they haven't managed to stay out of trouble. Nathan was arrested for a DUI back on September 7 while racing home have sex with Jenelle (no, really). Luckily, Jenelle wasn't behind the wheel, and even if she was, it looks like any potential infractions that take place in South Carolina won't affect her probation.

Thanks for clearing that up, Jenelley! Suddenly, this gal's move to South Cackalacky makes a whole lot of sense.

10.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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