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Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Kisses Evelyn Lozada! On His TV Screen, That Is … (PHOTO)

Nothing forms a stronger bond than a love formed by headbutt. Wait, what?! Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson made headlines in the worst way when he allegedly assaulted his ex-wife, Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada, after she accused him of cheating. He reportedly underwent anger management (it’s not just for Charlie Sheen, yo) and his newly reformed self wants her back — and he took a photo to prove it.

Credit: Twitter    

During Monday’s episode of Basketball Wives, the former NFL player and Dancing With the Stars competitor snapped a TwitPic of himself kissing her image on the TV. The caption on Twitter read, “I caught bae by surprise.”

Chad recently landed a movie role opposite True Blood’s Kelly Overton, so his professional life is looking up. And, as he once famously said, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” Will this borderline stalker-y snap of him kissing Evelyn's TV persona do the trick?

It’s sort of sweet and, yet, somehow ranks higher on the creeper scale than the guy in the "Starbucks Drake Hands" video. At least he didn’t take a photo of himself slapping Ev on the tush, which is what he recently did to his attorney (and ended up in the slammer … again).

Should Evelyn take Chad back? Sound off below!