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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars’ Valerie Harper Reveals Planned Most Memorable Year Performance

If only Dancing With the Stars Season 17 had done its Most Memorable Year routines last week instead of last night for Week 5.

Valerie Harper seems perfectly suited to this inspirational theme, but she and Tristan MacManus were eliminated in Week 4. We can only imagine she would’ve moved us to tears, and in fact, she addressed exactly what she would’ve done if she was still on the show. Valerie came to DWTS after a recent terminal brain cancer diagnosis, but her most memorable year is farther in the past.

As Valerie wrote on Facebook after the October 14 show, “Quite a few have been asking what year and song I would have chosen for #DWTS tonight ... it would have been 1987 because I married my fabulous Tony, adopted my darling daughter Cristina and sadly lost my mom (a non-smoker to lung cancer). The song would have been “Somewhere Out There” because she is.”

OK, we’re already getting a little misty just reading about it. Sigh. Can they have Valerie and Tristan do this routine on the finale instead of having them re-do a past routine or do some kind of group dance with another couple? That would be perfect.

Do you wish Valerie had been able to do her Most Memorable Year routine? Should she and Tristan do a version on the finale, or are you not a fan of this theme? Sound off below.