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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy: Where Will Our Favorite Doctors Be in Episode 300?

This week, the Grey’s Anatomy cast celebrated an important milestone: they reached 200 episodes! And in celebration of this momentous occasion, they shared where they thought our favorite surgeons would be in Episode 300 with The Hollywood Reporter. Most of them weren’t willing to think that far ahead — but that’s totally okay, because we are!

So, 100 episodes down the line… that’s about 5 years from now. So where do we think the Grey’s gang will be in their hypothetical 15th season?

Meredith and Derek — obviously still married — will be back to doing all the surgeries they could ever dream of, now that Zola’s in elementary school and Derek Bailey Shepherd, Jr. isn’t keeping them up all night anymore.

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Cristina, having moved away at the end of Season 10 to pursue her career at a prominent hospital where she’s given all the medical research dollars and fancy equipment she could ever hope for, makes frequent visits to Seattle to see Meredith, who she still FaceTimes daily. And, of course, Zola spends the summers with her, just like Aunt Cristina promised.

Alex, still a pediatric attending surgeon, is happily engaged to Jo, who is almost finished with her residency. They travel to Africa often now that they are working to expand Alex’s project with the children there.

Owen has a happy reunion with Teddy (remember her?) and together they realize they are meant to be. They get married and have lots of children together, to whom Owen is an awesome dad. But don’t worry about Cristina — they’re all on good terms, and she and her husband often meet up with Owen and Teddy for dinner when they’re in town.

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Callie and Arizona took a long time to get it together, and separated for a year to make sure their marriage was really what they wanted. Good news: it was, and they lived happily ever after. Oh, and Sofia really loves her little brother, who will soon be turning two.

And as for April and Jackson? It took them awhile to get it together, but they’re finally married — and have adorable children with the prettiest hair and best skin tone ever.

We think the most important thing to note about the future of the Grey’s Anatomy doctors is the fact that none of the remaining cast has died tragically. Shonda Rhimes, take our plans into consideration when writing future episodes. Please?

Where do you think your favorite characters will be in five years? Let us know below!

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