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Pretty Little Liars

5 Pretty Little Liars Characters Who Will Return in Season 4B!

As much as we love our Liars, we miss the many colorful recurring characters who sometimes disappear from Rosewood without any explanation. You know the Pretty Little Liars characters we’re talking about: the ones you either fell in love with or fell in love-to-hate with. Here are five such characters that will most likely return in Season 4B.

Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty)

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Noel Kahn is probably a founding member of the anti-Liars club, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss him! Luckily, it sounds like the adorable Brant Daugherty who is currently making a name for himself on Dancing With the Stars will be back on PLL sometime before the end of Season 4B. According to ET Online, Brant and Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King are “talking … about Noel’s return.” We can’t wait to see this long-lost character again!

Last seen: Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is A Dark Ride”

Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker)

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We haven’t seen Jason since he hightailed it out of Rosewood after “A” nearly killed him with an elevator yeah, not a pleasant way to go. According to his mom, he’s “down South,” helping his grandmother fix up her house. We just know it feels like he (and his abs) have been gone forever. The chances of Jason popping back up in Season 4B? Pretty good, from the way Drew Van Acker was sounding off about his character’s return just recently. Yep, we think there might be a Jason DiLaurentis return in our imminent future especially given all of the interaction that seems to be happening between Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mrs. Hastings.

Last seen: Season 3, Episode 19: “What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?”

Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson)

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Poor Lucas. First passed over by Hanna for Caleb, then seemingly written off of the show completely. OK, we’re being a bit dramatic. Lucas made some appearances in Season 3 when he was under “A”’s thumb, but he seems to be doing better now and we’d like to check in! Lucas was a mainstay in the first season and, even when he is stuck between a rock and hard place, always seems to have Hanna’s best interests in mind. With Caleb heading off for Ravenswood, we think the Pretty Little Liars Powers That Be may be calling on Lucas soon.

Last seen: Season 3, Episode 15: “Mona-Mania”

CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray)

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OK, so CeCe was technically in the last episode, but she only popped up near the end of Season 4A after a half-season of no communication. Sure, we heard a lot about CeCe Drake, but we never saw her. Our concern over whether we would ever see CeCe again only multiplied when we saw her fall and possibly die in the summer finale and then heard about the exciting new movie role she just snagged to go along with her recurring role on CBS’ Blue Bloods. Long story short: Vanessa recently spoke with Zap2it about how she would be filming for PLL again soon, which means she should pop up again near the end of Season 4B. Huzzah!

Last seen: Season 4, Episode 12: “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t”

Peter Hastings (Nolan North)

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Of all the characters on this list, Peter Hastings has been M.I.A. the longest from our television screens! We know Spencer’s dad is a work-a-holic, but come on. The man’s gotta drop by for a change of clothes every once-in-a-while or, you know, to check on his recently committed teenaged daughter! But Peter Hastings fans need not fear! Pete will definitely be back in Season 4B, as evidenced by this photo Troian Bellisario (Spencer) tweeted from set of herself with her on-screen parents. We can’t wait to see what kind of Hastings family drama PLL has cooked up for us this time.

Last seen: Season 3, Episode 6: “The Remains of the ‘A’”

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, followed by the series premiere of Ravenswood!