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Mom Allegedly Shoplifts Candy, Then Abandons Baby When She Gets Caught

You’ve heard of the phrase, “It’s as easy as stealing candy from a baby.” Well, for one mom, stealing candy with a baby turned out to be pretty problematic.

Police tell the website DNAinfo New York that 23-year-old Michelle Calderon allegedly pulled off a large candy burglary from a Duane Reade drugstore in downtown Manhattan by shoplifting more than $250 worth of goods and hiding them in her 1-year-old son’s stroller. NYPD reports that Calderon was assisted by two other male suspects, Raymond Lebron and Darnell Johnson.

When store employees busted the group red-handed and asked them to return the stolen goods, Lebron allegedly slapped an employee in the face, cutting him, and Calderon pushed her stroller at the store workers. An employee grabbed the stroller in an attempt to apprehend the suspects, but all three fled the scene, leaving Calderon’s toddler behind.

The NYPD reports that Calderon has a prior history of being on the wrong side of the law — police say she was arrested last year for attempting to smuggle drugs into Riker’s Island prison. The District Attorney's office says all three suspects were quickly arrested and charged with child endangerment, child abandonment, and robbery. Calderon’s son remains in the custody of children’s protective services.

One thing that’s a bit puzzling were the items stolen: $59 worth of Wrigley’s gum, $43 worth of Dentyne gum, $179 worth of Halls throat drops, and $15 in Tic Tacs. We had no idea the market for fresh breath was so hot, but we guess somebody’s willing to pay a lot for the privilege, even if it means potentially losing their child.

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10.17.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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