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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Will Jason Get a Love Interest? Who Will It Be?

Earlier this week, Drew Van Acker (aka Jason DiLaurentis) told Wetpaint Entertainment that he thinks Jason needs a love interest, and we couldn’t agree more! Jason has had a rough time of it what with his little sister’s alleged murder and the unsolved conspiracy that seems to surround it. Will the Pretty Little Liars hunk finally get a chance at love? We explore his options below!

Will he get a love interest?

At this point, we’re not getting too picky with our Jason demands, considering we just want to see him back on Pretty Little Liars. But, really, what are the chances Jason will be getting a love to call his own? Well, so far the only really romantic pursuit he’s had was with Aria in Season 2. She was still entangled with Ezra at the time, so it didn’t work out, but the PLL Powers That Be seem open to exploring Jason’s love life, especially if it involves one of our four main girls or the “A” game. We have a feeling, if Jason does get a love interest, it will be due to one of these two plot-geared reasons. Sorry, J, but you’re just not central enough of a character to warrant otherwise!


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So, might Jason rekindle things with Aria? These two definitely shared some chemistry (and a kiss), and we wonder how things would have worked if Aria wasn’t still hung up on Ezra. The thing is: Aria is still kind of hung up on Ezra. Unless that changes, we can’t imagine Jason and Aria hooking up at least not successfully in the long term. Amirite, Jake?


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The most intriguing and likely prospect for a Jason romance lies with Mona. Not only did they share some kind of weirdly close friendship in Season 3, but spoilers have abound that Mona will be getting a surprising romantic partner in Season 4. Could Jason be the lucky lad? This relationship would definitely still fit our qualification that his romance have something to do with the “A” game as we’re not so sure Mona has actually quit the “A” Team. Plus, Drew himself said, “It was great to kind of explore [the relationship between Mona and Jason], but I don’t know where it will lead.”


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How about a romance with someone closer to his own age? CeCe Drake fits the bill, not to mention these two already share a romantic past that raises a lot of questions for us. CeCe and Jason were together before Ali disappeared. Then, the day after Jason’s little sister vanished, CeCe broke it off with him. This is pretty harsh, and we can’t help but think there is more to the story. Might these two former flames give their romance another try? We know Vanessa Ray will be back to film some scenes as CeCe near the end of Season 4B. Might they return to Rosewood hand-in-hand?

Someone New

If Jason doesn’t make his return to Rosewood with CeCe in tow, we wouldn’t be surprised if he found someone else while he was away. According to Mrs. DiLaurentis, Jason has been “down South,” helping Grandma D. fix up the old homestead. If this is true, Jason was bound to attract someone while he was ambling around with his shirt off hammering in the Southern heat. Could Jason bring someone new back with him to Rosewood? Perhaps someone who knew Alison from her previous visits to her grandmother’s house?

Do you think Jason will get a love interest soon? Who do you think it might be? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, followed by the series premiere of Ravenswood!