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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers: Aria Learns Ezra’s “A” — Goes Crazy With Anger!

We’ve had a few months to adjust to the idea that Ezra (Ian Harding) is “A,” and the harsh reality of it all is still hard for us to accept. How could a man that seemed so kind be causing so much pain for so many people?

We’re heartbroken... and we’re not even dating the guy. So we can’t even begin to imagine how Aria (Lucy Hale) will react when she finds out that the love of her life just might be pure evil.

E! Online recently spoke to Lucy and showrunner Marlene King about that very scene. And be warned: It’s not pretty.

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"The fallout of Ezra on the A team is huge for Aria, and it's really just heartbreaking to watch,” Marlene says. “But you can't look away. It's like a train wreck, you can't look away."

Lucy spoke earlier about a huge upcoming Aria scene where she actually lost her voice from screaming and crying. We’re willing to bet this is exactly the scene she’s talking about!

Plus, Aria’s pain won’t be a one-time thing. You can expect the ezrA revelation to torment Aria throughout the rest of the season.

"In 4B, girl goes a little crazy,” Lucy teases. “You get to see Aria really angry. She's upset about a lot of things. She has pent-up feelings and bottled emotions, and somewhere in the middle of the season, girlfriend just loses it."

What’s more, it sounds like “A” might finally be going after Aria? (Ezra turning on his love? Say it ain’t so!) "Oh it's payback time for Aria," Marlene laughs. "You know we say A is an equal-opportunity terrorist, and it's Aria's turn to really go through the ringer."

Source: E! Online

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