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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Relationship: A Timeline (PHOTOS)

Now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially engaged and will soon be en route to their happily ever after, we’re feeling all nostalgic and reflective about the couple's relationship. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane through the journey of Kimye from just friends to baby-making love monkeys.

Pre-2011: Kim and Kanye have been friends for a long time; Kanye even offered fashion advice to Kim and her sisters when they opened their DASH boutique in NYC. While Kim denies the two were anything more than buds before 2012, Kanye’s ex Amber Rose has a different story. Amber says Kanye and Kim were romantically involved back in 2010, while Kim was still dating NFL star Reggie Bush.

October 2011: Kim files for divorce from Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage.

December 2011: Kanye and Kim reportedly go to a Jay-Z concert together, where Kanye was said to be “eating Kim up like she was a piece of cake.”

March 2012: Kimye spotted together in Paris. Nearly a year later, Kim will post pictures in her Instagram feed of the two of them riding go-carts together like typical young lovers... you know, if typical young lovers got to ride go-carts on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Family blabbermouth Khloe Kardashian is quoted that same month as saying if they “went there,” Kim and Kanye would have a “long relationship.”

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April 2012: Kanye debuts a song where he says he “fell in love with Kim.” Paparazzi see Kim sneaking out of Kanye’s NYC apartment not once, but twice! The couple are also spotted together going to see The Hunger Games.

But we think they really made it official later that month, when Kanye met Kim’s whole family. A couple days later, Kimye attended the opening of Scott Disick’s now defunct restaurant, Ryu, on April 24, 2012. This time, they held hands which is basically international sign language for, “yeah, we’re dating now.”

May 2012: Despite the couple attending family functions together, like sister Kourtney’s baby shower, momager Kris Jenner insists that Kimye aren’t serious yet.

June 2012: What do moms know? Kim calls herself Kanye’s “proud girlfriend" over Twitter. Plus, who buys a $750,000 luxury car for someone they’re just casually hanging out with? This is also the month where reports first circulate that Kanye wants to make babies with Kim. Guess he made good on that!

July 2012: Kim and Kanye officially outlast Kim’s marriage to Kris! For regular earthlings, anniversaries come once every 365 days, but on Planet Kardashiana, it’s every 72. This is also the month where Kanye makes his first appearance on a Kardashian reality show. Welcome to the family, Yeezy!

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August 2012: Kanye commemorates his love for Kim in a song sweetly entitled “Perfect B*tch.” Women the world over swoon, for what lady wouldn’t love being called a “perfect b*tch” in song?!

September 2012: Kanye buys Kim an adorable kitten, named Mercy! Unfortunately, Mercy passes away only a few months later due to health complications.

October 2012: The happy couple reportedly purchases a sprawling Miami mansion together and have their first PDA while vacationing in Rome. Then they reach one of the most important milestones two romantically involved people can ever share: coordinated Halloween costumes.

November 2012: Now it’s really serious! Kim wears a ring with Kanye’s initials on it. She may not be able to marry him on paper, but that ring sure says it all. Kanye reportedly joins the Kardashian/Jenner family for Thanksgiving, as well, and takes Kim with him to visit his late mother’s grave.

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December 2012: Kanye joins Kim’s family for Christmas, where we’re guessing they share some pretty exciting news. Then, the night before New Year’s Eve, Kanye shares it with the whole world: Kim’s having his baby!

January 2013: In preparation for their expanding family, Kim and Kanye purchase an $11 million mansion in Beverly Hills.

February 2013: Kim pleads with a California court to grant her a divorce from Kris Humphries so that she may “create a full, new life” with Kanye and their baby. Will Kim and Kanye ever be able to tie the knot? Sigh. Well, at least the couple get to leave their stresses behind with a romantic getaway to Rio. Oh, and they make waves by posing for a steamy nude cover of the French fashion magazine, L’Officiel Hommes Paris.

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March 2013: Kanye decides to make his living situation with Kim official, and ditches his bachelor pad to move in with his pregnant girlfriend. And as if living with Kim wasn’t enough, it was also revealed that Kanye has a say in what the reality TV starlet wears too!

April 2013: Breakup rumors begin to swirl as Kanye continued to spend more time in Paris, while preggo Kim stayed at home. But the reality starlet has much to celebrate after her divorce from husband Kris Humphries finally came through! And to prove that he is still very much in love with his girlfriend, Kanye reportedly spends $100,000 on private jets just to make it back in time for Kim’s doctor visits and checkups. Too cute.

May 2013: Kim and Kanye may have hit a little love snafu after their family trip to Greece and romantic getaway to Paris, when Kim reportedly wears an altered version of the infamous rose-printed Givenchy gown created by his friend, Riccardo Tisci, at the Met Gala. Reports claim Kanye is “embarrassed” about the look. But apparently he didn’t stay mad too long, as it was reported the rapper serenaded his lady love at the event and later defended her fashion choice against the harsh criticism it received.

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June 2013: Kim K. has a lavish baby shower for her baby girl in Beverly Hills and a few days later gives birth to her daughter several weeks ahead of her due date! All rumors that Kanye cheated on his baby mama with model Leyla Ghobadi are completely pushed to the side in light of the auspicious occasion… especially when it’s confirmed that Kim and Kanye named their baby North West.

July 2013: Kimye take their daughter North “Nori” West for her first outing to a July 4th party at Bruce Jenner’s Malibu beach house. The couple had been reportedly “holed up” at Kris Jenner’s home to avoid constant media scrutiny. It was even reported that the little family unit takes naps together. Aww!

August 2013: By August, the media becomes ruthless in its pursuits to obtain the first photo of baby North. Kim, Kanye, and North are spotted together when they pay respects to Kanye’s grandfather, Portwood L. Williams, who passed away. Kanye then debuts the first photo of North West on Kris Jenner’s talk show, Kris.

October 2013: Kimye takes the relationship to the next level (after having their daughter): They are officially engaged! And of course, Kanye shows off his great taste in jewelry by picking out a 15-carat diamond engagement ring for his fiancée.