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The Originals

The Originals Spoilers: Will Cami Be Turned? Will She Choose Klaus or Marcel?

Right now, Cami (Leah Pipes) is the only non-supernatural main character on The Originals — but will that last? Leah talked to Hollywood Life about the possibility of Cami being turned into a vampire, and her connections with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan).

How would Leah feel if Cami were turned? “Um… great?” she said. “As an actor, if you’re told, ‘Hey, we’re taking your character in this direction,’ you say, ‘Great!’ You don’t really have much say in the matter, so you might as well get on board”

Still, Leah thinks kind-hearted Cami would have trouble transitioning to a life of bloodsucking, saying, “Watching Cami become a vampire would be very difficult. She’s not a brutal killer at all, so I think she’d have a major crisis of conscience.” Judging by how Cami has reacted to violence and intimidation on the show thus far, we agree with Leah’s assessment of her on-screen counterpart.

Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

It’s less clear how Cami would react to further romantic overtures from Marcel or romantic interest from Klaus. The brave bartender seems to share a connection with both of the leading men.

“There does seem to be tension,” said Leah of Cami’s relationship with Klaus. “I think they both feel something that two people feel that you can’t really put your finger on. It’s as if he’s known this person before, or he’s seeing something in her that she doesn’t want him to know about. It’s that kind of tension, and the tension builds.”

As for Marcel, Leah said she isn’t sure what he sees in Cami, but admits there is an attraction there: “[Marcel] did say in the last episode that he likes how she’s not part of the dark world that he lives in, but also still has strength and spunk enough to keep up with him. He sees purity, but not as ignorance, and that’s appealing to him.” It will be interesting to see if and how Marcel’s feelings towards Cami change as she is drawn further and further into the power struggle between Klaus and Marcel.

Do you want Cami to eventually become a vampire? Do you see a future for her with either vamp? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.