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5 Things That Need to Happen Before Glee Ends

In case you somehow missed the news, Glee will almost certainly end after Season 6 finishes in spring 2015. The thought of life without Glee is throwing us into a mild panic. There are a million thing we’d like to see happen before then! Glee to do before its

Yes, getting to finally see Sue use her human cannon is one of those things. But does it make our top 5 things we want to happen before Glee signs off for good? Read on, and then let us know which ones are most important to you.

5. Move the show to NYC — perhaps with a time jump?

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We really can’t imagine the prospect of a new class of strange faces joining New Directions when the new school semester starts soon. That’s why we’re still holding onto hope that the show will continue to focus just on our favorite characters in NYC in Season 6, along with the possibility of the show fast-forwarding by about five years so we can see what the future holds for everyone.

4. More focus on friendships

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For us, the classic friendship pairings are a big reason why the show has been so great. So why do so many great friendships fade away like, say, Kurt and Sam? Granted, we have to accept that some of the best friendships Unholy Trinity; Kurtcedes; Brittany and Lord Tubbington are dunzo. But having the characters all in the same state would be a step in the right direction.

3. Win one more Nationals title to dedicate to Finn

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We had thought that it wouldn’t feel essential for New Directions to win Nationals again, now that Rachel, Kurt, Finn, and Mercedes got to win a title. Plus, too much success feels a little unrealistic. But with Finn’s coaching having been such a big part of why New Directions is having success again, we think that the club has to win the big title again for his sake.

2. Have a Klaine wedding!

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What can we say? We’re hopeless romantics, and we also just plain love us some Klaine. And now, after seeing how perfect Blaine’s proposal to Kurt was, we can hardly contain ourselves for how great the actual ceremony will be. Plus, Finchel got engaged but later called off the wedding, and we can’t imagine the show doing that to us again.

1. Make sure Rachel is on the path to showbiz success

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Does every character on the show need to end up with a solid career in entertainment? No, that wouldn’t feel right. But Rachel isn’t just any character. So with all that she has endured, not to mention her phenomenal talent, we want to feel confident when the show ends that Rachel is going to have a successful career as a performer.

I have other ideas.

I want all of these things to happen!

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