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See Your Favorite ’90s Child Stars All Grown Up! (PHOTOS)

Back in the '90s, it seemed like our favorite TV and movie characters would be with us forever. We could imagine shopping for Homecoming dresses with Topanga from Boy Meets World, someday starting a nostalgia magazine with Kevin from Growing Pains, and playing catch with Icebox from Little Giants. But times change, and so have we. For example, now we want Fred Savage's Kevin to straight run our personal blogs and ghostwrite deep thoughts for us. ;

But if you've been wondering what some of your favorite '90s pals have been up to since they left your big or small screen in the '90s, we think it's about time to get reacquainted, y’all!

Click through the gallery to see what some of your favorite child actors from back in the day have been up to since ;Full House, Growing Pains, The Wonder Years, The Sandlot, and more!