Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 — “Good Form”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    
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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 — “Good Form”

They finally kiss! Wait... did other stuff happen this week, too? In tonight’s Once Upon a Time (Season 3, Episode 5, “Good Form"), David is in Neverland for the long haul, Regina grabs ahold of the efforts to find Henry, and the Lost Boys prove that not everyone loves chocolate as much as we do.

Dad Doesn’t Approve

The episode begins with a Lost Boy doubting Henry’s power and challenging him to the most feared kind of battle ever: a stick battle. OK, so maybe it’s not the most feared battle ever, but it gets dangerous when Henry’s stick becomes a sword and Henry fights back. It’s all fun and games until someone gets cut near the eye.

Back in Neal’s old hideout, Emma is worried about finding Henry before he loses hope. Then, Hook tries to turn on the charm around Emma, but she isn’t feeling it — and neither is her dad, David. Dads always ruin everything. (Cue the sound of us defiantly slamming our bedroom door here.)

David and Hook head to the woods to get vines for Emma’s trap, and the two guys bicker again about Hook staying away from Emma. When David collapses after trying to take a swing at Hook, Hook realizes that the poison is close to David’s heart, meaning he only has a few hours to live. Where’s ObamaCare when you need it?

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 — “Good Form”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

Who Says No to Free Chocolate?

David finds a military insignia with the name “Jones” on it, and Hook says it fell off of his brother’s satchel. Hook explains about his brother dying in a duel with Pan, and he says that if they find the satchel, they can retrieve the sextant and use Neal’s star chart to escape. Simple, right?

Emma and Snow trap a Lost Boy in a net — because who among us doesn’t like trapping kids in nets in our free time? They want him to deliver a message to Pan, and Regina offers a chocolate bar, but he chucks the candy into the woods. Maybe he was on a diet? Always resourceful, Regina pulls out his heart to force him to give the message. Snow isn’t pleased, but Emma is OK with it.

After promising to tell David’s family that he died heroically, Hook climbs up a ledge and is about to help David up when Pan drops by. Pan wants Hook to kill David, and in exchange, Pan will get Hook and Emma off the island. But Hook is reluctant to work for Pan, which he used to do. Suddenly, David shows up, but Hook claims he was just talking to himself. Classic excuse.

The heart-free Lost Boy heads back to Henry with a magic compact to let Henry communicate with Emma, Snow, and Regina. They say they’re on the island to rescue him, but then Henry says he has to go. Somehow, Henry doesn’t seem as excited to talk to them as they are to talk to him — but then again, aren’t all preadolescent boys like that about talking to their mothers?

David Quenches His Thirst

David tells Hook that he overheard his convo with Pan. Then, Hook informs David that the sextant isn’t here, and that he just wanted David to drink from the magic spring. He offers David the water, informing him that it means he can never leave Neverland. David says that’s a small price, and he drinks. Looks like David better inform the Post Office that he has a new home address.

The guys return to the ladies, and David tells everyone that Hook risked his own life to save David’s. Emma is impressed by Hook’s bravery, and the two — wait for it! — totally make out. And yes, it’s just as amazing as we’d hoped. Swoon.

Finally, Pan is off by his lonesome, enjoying a swig to celebrate his smooch, when Pan yet again decides to ruin Hook’s buzz. Pan informs Hook that Neal is in fact on the island, and it’s up to Hook to tell Emma about this or not. Decisions, decisions.

Then, Pan and the Lost Boys have drugged Neal and put him a cage, which they hoist up to a similar cage that someone is moving around in. But we don’t get to see who is in the cage! Uh, if these cages are Neverland’s idea of a bed and breakfast, we think we’ll just stay at a Motel 6.

Once Upon a Time Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 — “Good Form”
Credit: Jack Rowand/ABC    

They Don’t Make Sails Like They Used To

In this week’s flashback, we see Hook as a Naval officer, and we meet his beloved brother, Captain Liam. And how cute was Hook with that ponytail? The two are on a mission from their king to track down a powerful medicine on Neverland. They use the sextant and a sail made of Pegasus’s feathers to fly there. There’s no word on whether their flying boat served tiny bags of pretzels like today’s airplanes do.

The brothers are searching for this magic plant, but Pan finds them and tells them it’s actually the deadly Dreamshade, not a medicine. The brothers go on their merry way and find the plant. They argue over whether it’s poisonous or not, and Liam cuts his arm with. Bad idea.

Liam collapses and is near death when Pan resurfaces. He tells Hook about a magic spring that will heal Liam’s wound. But since magic comes with a price, things won’t be so good if they try to leave the island. Sure enough, the water heals Liam, but when they try to fly home, he dies for good. Sadness. And then we see Hook transform into the self-serving pirate that he’s become.

Three Biggest Mysteries of the Night:

1. Who’s in the crate? We don’t know who is in the cage next to Neal’s, but it seems likely that it could be Tinker Bell or Gold. Well, maybe not Gold, who doesn’t seem easy to trap. Or perhaps it’s the mermaid Ariel, whom we’ll be meeting next week?

2. Will David find a way to leave Neverland? We can’t imagine that David will actually stay on Neverland for good, but it’s hard to imagine how he’ll escape after drinking from the spring. But maybe that’s OK, since it’s looking like Henry won’t want to leave Neverland anytime soon either.

3. How soon will Hook decide to tell Emma about Neal? And who will Emma end up choosing? We’d like to see Hook tell Emma right away about Neal, but this is Hook we’re talking about, so we won’t hold our breath. Meanwhile, we’re off to go rewatch that Captain Swan kiss about a gajillion more times. Don’t judge.