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Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Show Off Sexy Halloween Costumes (PHOTO)

Twilight's Bella and Edward have got nothing on this sexy pair!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards and husband Mauricio seemed to have a blast while dressed up as Dracula and his mistress for a Halloween party over the weekend. Hide your necks!

Kyle posted an adorable photo of the two of them posing in character, with Mauricio just about to sink his fangs into Kyle's enticing skin. Uh-oh.

"I vant to suck your blood!! Well.... Ok ❤️," Kyle humorously captions the Instagram shot on October 27.

This appeared to be quite the popular party, as it was also attended by the rest of Kyle's family, along with her nephew, Barron Hilton, who is Paris Hilton's brother.

And in today's edition of "Random Celebrity Pairing of the Day," Kyle Richards took a photo of herself with another famous not to mention light-footed Kyle.

"2 Kyles with @Kyle_Massey," Kyle wrote about the Instagram photo of herself with actor Kyle Massey, who is known for starring in the Disney Channel show Cory in the House and for placing second on Dancing With the Stars Season 11.

Credit: Instagram    

Frankly, we had no idea that these two Kyles would even know each other, let alone that they appear to be pals. And we're not sure what Kyle M. is dressed as, with that one giant glove, but we're intrigued.

These photos just prove that Kyle Richards looks gorgeous, regardless of which period in time she's dressed for.

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