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The Walking Dead

Ellen DeGeneres Frightens Her Staff in Hilarious Video Featuring The Walking Dead Maze

The Walking Dead has been cooking up thrills ever since it premiered on Halloween night back in 2010, and this year is no exception. Though we won’t be treated to a new TWD episode this year, there is a Walking Dead-themed maze at Universal Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights that’s equal parts terrifying and hilarious thanks to this video courtesy of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The video below is a clip from Ellen’s show where she explains that she sent two of her staff members writer Amy Rhodes and executive producer Andy Lassner to the TWD maze. The video within the video then shows Amy and Andy’s harrowing journey through the walker-filled attraction.

While Amy kept it together (for the most part), Andy was so frightened by the maze and its inhabitants that he actually got angry at the abject horror and the “zombies” that caused it. By the end of the maze Andy was cowering behind Amy (something that he claimed was to “protect her”) and yelling at the terrifying walkers who periodically appeared out of nowhere. “Stop it! Stop it now!” he repeatedly screamed.

In Andy’s defense, we likely would have been scared by this maze too, but we were too busy laughing to notice the horror. Don’t believe us? Check out the video for yourself below!