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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Sneak Peek of Season 17, Week 8 — Dance Off and Cher!

Do you belieeeeeve in life after Snooki? We must move on! Dancing With the Stars Season 17 is down to the top seven couples. For Week 8 (Monday, November 4), our remaining gypsies, tramps, and thieves will be treated to double-doses of Cher as guest judge and performing artist.

Cher will open the show with “Believe,” dole out some scores, and then return to the stage at the end of the show to perform her new single, "I Hope You Find It.”

In terms of dances, we’re still in the two routine zone. (Three should be coming soon.) In the first round, each couple will take on a new dance style — either the Tango, Argentine Tango, Contemporary, Viennese Waltz, Jazz, Disco, or Foxtrot. (Disco!)

The couple to receive the highest total score from the judges in that round will receive immunity and not be subject to elimination.

In the second round, the six remaining couples will compete in a head-to-head "Dance Off" competition. The winning couples of the Dance Off round will be awarded additional judges’ points that will be added to their overall score for the night.

ABC says one couple will be eliminated, so we’re still not doing a double elimination. Will we have an extra couple in the Finale this year, because of that voting snafu two weeks ago?

Source: ABC