Lea Black: I Wasn’t Genuine When I Was Nice to Adriana De Moura
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Real Housewives of Miami

Lea Black: I Wasn’t Genuine When I Was Nice to Adriana De Moura

Lea Black and Adriana De Moura appeared to make nice on this week's episode on Real Housewives of Miami. But did they really mean what they said?

Lea writes in her Bravo blog that her willingness to move forward with Adriana this week was partly motivated by wanting their sons to hang out more together.

"I was gracious as usual to Adriana," Lea writes. "I admit much of it was for the girls, and much of it for my son RJ in hopes of her allowing Alex to come over. I will admit there is a little 'phoniness' in my niceness she continues to hold her son up as my reward if I brush things aside. And as most moms, I will do most anything for my son."

"Adriana has done many things that are beyond most people’s level of tolerance," she continues. "But in the spirit of ending this saga and gossip fest, I think it best we all just move on. Her comment of the 'deep connection and trust'? Trust means trust it obviously means something different to me than it does to her."

Lea wishes that Lisa hadn't tried to make peace between Adriana and Lea at Lea's handbag launch party. "I love you Lisa, but a premiere of my handbag line at a couture boutique really isn't the place to re-hash the 'Adriana saga,'" Lea writes. "I'm starting to feel like the Adriana issue is being shoved down my throat every single time I am around some of the girls."

Hopefully, this episode will be the end of that.

Source: Bravo