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$#*! Big Tips Texas’s Girls Say: Most Outrageous Quotes of Season 1, Episode 6

The girls of Big Tips Texas say some pretty crazy things. Each new episode of the MTV reality show brings with it plenty of drama, tons of sexy outfits... and a whole lot of hot girls saying some pretty ridiculous things.

From the sassy to the snarky to the just plain silly, here are the most ridiculous quotes from Season 1, Episode 6.

1. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you. Let’s be best friends. Wanna make out?

Morgan and Kristyn get snarky as they discuss how quickly Mimi and Amber have gotten over their fight.

2. She’s bipolar. And she’s bisexual. She’s bipolarsexual.

Morgan and Kristyn are pretty sure they have Amber figured out.

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3. I’m kind of nervous as to what might happen. And the fact that it’s Typhani’s boyfriend that’s paying for my... Ooo, I kind of like that. Typhani’s boyfriend is paying for my dinner.

And she hates you.

Kristyn and Morgan know a win-win situation when they see one.

4. Nothing says bonding like lingerie shopping.

You know what, Mimi? Cramming into a giant lacy thong with someone does seem to bring your friendship to a whole new level.

5. You should just work here, Amber.

I probably should. I know lots about sex.

If Redneck Heaven ever stops working out, Mimi knows what Amber’s next career move should be.

Credit: MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

6. I would much rather spend my money on my clothes. Or my makeup. Or my weave. Because who buys our weaves?

We do.

Wait,Kristyn and Morgan... so that’s not your real hair?

7. I can’t smile. I have a permanent bh face.

Morgan’s happy. She just isn’t that great at showing it all the time.

10.31.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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