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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars’ Hottest Male Contestants of All Time (PHOTOS)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we’ve had the pleasure to behold plenty of beauty in the 17 seasons of Dancing With the Stars. We regularly drool over the DWTS pros, but there have been some sizzling contestants over the years too. Here’s a look at some of the hottest male celebs from each season. Warning: Shallow waters ahead!

Joey McIntyre, Season 1

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There were only six celebs on Season 1, which seems so old-school now it's like it was filmed back in the Early Pleistocene. It's too bad New Kids on the Block's Joey didn't hold out for a later season, since the first one was only six weeks long and didn't offer as many opportunities to show off his hotness. Bring him back!

Drew Lachey, Season 2 and All-Stars Season 15

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images    

His brother may get more attention, but future champion Drew won us to his side on Season 2, especially with that sexy "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" Freestyle. Whew! [fans self] Nick, who?

Mario Lopez, Season 3

Credit: Todd Oren/Getty Images    

Long before Elizabeth Berkley graced the ballroom, we were treated to her Saved by the Bell co-star, Mario. A.C. Slater proved he had both the moves and the looks to make us swoon. That smile! Those dimples! He’s 40 now and looks better than ever. It’s kind of unfair.

Apolo Ohno, Season 4 and Season 15

Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images    

Apolo isn’t classically handsome like, say, Brant Daugherty, but he’s one of those guys whose cool factor gives him extra hotness. Watching him dance with Julianne Hough, you couldn’t help but think she was the lucky one.

Cristian de la Fuente, Season 6

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images    

The Chilean stud could be considered the original William “Loverboy” Levy, or at least an early draft. Cheryl Burke is one lucky lady.

Jason Taylor, Season 6

Credit: Getty Images    

Jason and Edyta Sliwinska may have been the hottest couple in DWTS history. You could make arguments for others, but they had us swooning through Season 6. Remember their football Paso Doble? Bald is beautiful, baby!

Rocco DiSpirito, Season 7

Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images    

Rocco didn't make a huge dent on Season 7, which is a shame since he's such a good-looking guy — and he can cook, which makes him even hotter! So much potential. Oh well.

Chuck Wicks, Season 8

Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images    

At the time, country singer Chuck was dating partner Julianne, and we were so consumed by Gilles Marini that we almost didn’t notice how dreamy Jules’ man was. But he’s definitely a looker.

Ty Murray, Season 8

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    

The producers did a great job casting Season 8. A retroactive round of applause! Ty is a different kind of “hot” than some of these guys, but Jewel’s hubby was so gosh darn adorable out there he won us over.

Gilles Marini, Season 8 and Season 15

Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images    

Could Gilles be the ultimate standard of hotness on DWTS? C’est possible. He and Cheryl had our jaws on the floor through Season 8, then he made us melt on All-Stars when he talked about doing the show for his daughter. Gilles should be on every season — guest judge, musical guest, new band member, guy working the camera — just find a way to keep him around.

Mark Dacascos, Season 9

Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images    

Maybe it's too late to revive the “Mark was robbed!” complaints, but we're still feeling the sting. Mark and Lacey Schwimmer were an underrated pair and the martial artist's hotness may not have been appreciated enough. He needed more time!

Aiden Turner, Season 10

Credit: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images    

Aiden and Edyta were another great pair to look at — plus soap star Aiden has that British accent. If only he had been a wee bit better on the dance floor, we could’ve looked at him longer.

Evan Lysacek, Season 10

Credit: Harry How/Getty Images    

Olympian Evan is another one of those guys who wouldn’t be considered “hot” in the Gilles sense, but you can’t help but fall in love with him. He and Anna Trebunskaya turned out to be such a great match — and his quiet charm just won our hearts.

Rick Fox, Season 11

Credit: Fernando Leon/Getty Images    

The Lakers alum is, like, a thousand feet tall (OK, 6'7") but he still managed to keep up with Cheryl, which is tough. He's 44 now, but just as much of a handsome stud as ever — how else could he keep a hot girlfriend like Eliza Dushku?

Mike Catherwood, Season 12

Credit: Twittter    

“Psycho Mike” couldn’t dance to save his life, but boy was he cute. If only he had a drop of talent, he and Lacey could’ve kept dancing beyond the first week. We wanted more of you, man!

Hines Ward, Season 12

Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images    

Bald continues to be beautiful! Hines and Kym Johnson were such a gorgeous, fun-loving couple, it’s like Season 12 was one big dinner party that they hosted in their own ballroom. Who knew he would be that much of a charmer?

J.R. Martinez, Season 13

Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images    

Speaking of charmers, J.R. pretty much owned the building the second he walked in. He and Karina Smirnoff set the place on fire with their routines, and his bright smile powered the lights. The Army vet’s positive energy and humility were an inspiration, and there’s nothing more attractive than that.

William Levy, Season 14

Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images    

Are you still a little deaf from the screams when he just walked into the ballroom? Loverboy Levy’s hotness dominated the season, and even though he didn’t win, he kind of did win when it comes to introducing himself to a brand new audience. Cheryl called him “the the hottest piece of you-know-what that we've ever had on the show.” A good portion of America agreed.

Ingo Rademacher, Season 16

Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images    

We fell in love with his son, Peanut, but Daddy was pretty cute too! Ingo and Kym were the sunny Aussies — and he had us completely under his spell every time we looked into his amazing eyes. Sigh.

Corbin Bleu, Season 17

Credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images    

We gasped when we first saw Corbin without his trademark High School Musical hair, but he’s a real man now — as he showed in his fiercely sexy Game of Thrones dance. Corbin has that ideal mix of great looks (he’s ripped!) and engaging personality. You can’t really beat his charisma — he’s just endlessly watchable.

Brant Daugherty, Season 17

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images    

Brant definitely belongs in the “classically handsome” file, but he doesn’t appear to have an ego from it. He’s just a sweet, humble, likable guy. The Pretty Little Liars star also doesn’t seem to be fazed by anything — even being robbed at gunpoint (!) — and his dance for his late father just made us melt. He’s kind of perfect.

Who’s on your list of hottest DWTS contestants? Let us know in the comments below.