Credit: Torrey DeVitto on Instagram    
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The Vampire Diaries

Who Is Torrey DeVitto’s Boyfriend Carlos Munoz? 5 Things To Know About the Pro Surfer!

Have you heard the news? Vampire Diaries star Torrey DeVitto has a new boyfriend! Maybe you missed the pics Torrey has posted of the two cuddling on a Ferris wheel, out after their dinner date, bowling date, and possible surfing adventures, but no worries we’re here to give you the deets on the new man in Torrey’s life. Meet Carlos Munoz.

He’s a professional surfer

As in, he’s seriously good. Earlier this year, he ranked ninth in the Junior Men’s World Rankings of the Association of Surfing Professionals. This guy is going placed. Carlos is one of the only men from the developing world who ranked, with most of the places going to surfers from the United States and Australia.

Credit: Torrey DeVitto on Instagram    

He’s from Costa Rica

Though born in Nicaragua, Carlos moved to Costa Rica when he was just a few months old. He climbed onto his first surfboard at the age of 10 when one of his friends invited him to try the waves in front of their beach town. Though he thrives in the international surfing world, he still lives in Costa Rica and keeps his home country at the heart of his mission: “I’m a very competitive person,” he told Surfing Magazine. “So in my mind my goal is to make the World Tour. But in my heart and in my soul, my dream is to open the door for the next generation of Costa Rican surfers.”

He’s younger than Torrey

While Torrey is 29 years old, Carlos is only 20 years old. We are definitely digging Torrey’s subversion of the older man/younger woman stereotype. Plus, Carlos is a total hottie!

He has great nickname(s)

According to our foray into the world of online surfing news, Carlos goes by the nickname, “Cali” to his friends, which we think is totally unique. In the surfing world, however, he has another moniker altogether: “The Flying Costa Rican,” as dubbed by Surfer Today.

He calls his mother everyday

The life of an international surfer keeps Carlos jetsetting around the globe, but even when he’s not home he takes the time to talk to his mother. In fact, according to Surfing Magazine, he calls her everyday to check in. We’re seriously impressed with this young man’s prioritization of family. He sounds like a keeper, Tor!

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