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Teen Mom 2

Jenelle Evans’s Boyfriend Nathan Griffith Gains 15 Pounds — See His New Look! (PHOTO)

It's been about a week since Jenelle Evans's boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, lost his MMA fight, and it looks like he's been eating his emotions in the form of alfredo sauce. This mega-hunk had to drop a whopping 20 pounds in order to qualify for his fight, but now that the fated blow-out is over, he can go back do doing what he does best. Eating Hamburger Helper and other fine delicacies.

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Nathan has been drowning his post-fight sorrows in noms, and he's already gained 15 pounds! "Oh yea I'm getting chunky and it's all Jenelle's fault," Nathan tweeted on October 31. "Gain 15 lbs back since the fight!"

Nathan's fight was on October 26, which means he's gained 15 pounds in five days! Um, we didn't even realize that was possible. What has this dude been shoving into his mouth — an endless supply of breadsticks? Oh, wait. Considering that he and Jenelle frequent Olive Garden on a weekly basis, we're thinking yes. That's exactly what he's been shoving in his mouth.

Apparently, Nathan has a fight coming up in February, which means he's going to have to shed those pounds all over again. Sigh, Nathan. Yo-yo dieting is definitely not healthy! We're slightly concerned about this hunk's attitude towards food … but he someone managed to keep his six-pack despite gaining 15 pounds in under a week, so who are we to judge? Do you, Nathan. Do you.

11.1.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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