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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4: Melissa McBride Talks Carol, Crying on Cue

Melissa McBride has made it known that she loves playing The Walking Dead’s Carol Peletier, especially since her on-screen counterpart has had a juicy story arc so far this season and a drastic evolution overall.

Carol began as a an abused housewife, but on Season 4 we have seen her teach the kids of Team Prison how to use knives in secret, and most recently we learned that Carol was responsible for killing Karen and David and burning their bodies so the flu wouldn’t spread to anyone else.

We’re still not sure that Carol was solely responsible for Karen and David’s murders, but we do know that now single and childless Carol is a very emotional person, who oftentimes lets her feelings dictate how she acts. Carol’s most emotional scene so far was when she witnessed Rick shoot her daughter, Sophia, who had gone missing months before and ended up being one of the walkers kept in Hershel’s barn.

Since Sophia’s death, Carol has grown stronger and fiercely protective of other children, now acting as a surrogate mother to Lizzie and Mika. Still, this is a woman who is very open about her emotions.

AMC chatted with Melissa about Carol and her many feelings, and the actress surprisingly revealed that crying on cue isn’t as difficult as one might think. “When I’m doing those kinds of scenes it really is just me considering the life of the character and the circumstances,” she notes.

In fact, Melissa says it’s harder for her to stop crying than it is for her to start. “People seem so impressed that somebody can cry on cue and all that stuff, but my issue is that sometimes it’s very difficult for me not to! She’s extremely sensitive, and she’s very empathetic and I love that about her; she understands weakness and underdogs, and roots for them like I root for her.”

We must admit, we’ve rooted for Carol in the past, but her behavior thus far this season has us second guessing her character and motivations just like Robert Kirkman wants!

Are you surprised that Melissa is so easily able to shed a tear when prompted? Sound off below!

Source: AMC

11.1.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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