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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 5: Who Should Caroline Date Next?

Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) has quite a few romantic prospects on this season of The Vampire Diaries. There’s the ex, the college guy vamp, her vamp bestie, the Original hybrid, and, of course, the single option. Which one should Caroline choose? We outline their respective draws below.


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We spent our Halloweens yelling at our television screens, furious at Tyler for choosing vengeance over Caroline. Car told Tyler that, if he walked away, they would be over forever and he totally did. But is their relationship really over for good? We’re not ready to completely rule out Caroline’s first love out of the quest for her heart, given that they have been so good together in the past. Sure, it would take a lot of groveling (on Tyler’s part), to make Forwood happen again, but perhaps Tyler will get hit in the head on his pursuit of vengeance and realize what a mistake he made leaving Caroline behind. It could happen. We’ve seen crazy things happen in that Louisiana bayou.


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We love that college guy Jesse is sweet, sensitive, and smart. Also, he is totally into Caroline, which is a definite mark of good character. Whether or not Caroline and Jesse stay together, we think they would make a really good couple right now. Caroline kind of has a thing for making the guys she’s with stronger, and with think Jesse might be in need of a little Caroline magic now that he’s been turned into Dr. Maxfield’s vampire lab rat. If Jesse escapes, he should totally take Caroline to a movie or something. Then, the two can go about engaging in the activity that truly nurtures romance on this show: solving supernatural mysteries (plenty of opportunity for stakeout/makeout sessions).


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Amnesiac Stefan didn’t get much to do in this week’s episode… besides die. And, that makes us sad. Even though Tessa seems to have a thing for her ex-fiance’s doppelganger, we have our eye on the Steroline chemistry that has always been simmering beneath the surface as a possible development from their best friendship. Even with Stefan’s amnesia, he trusts and respects Caroline. Conversely, Caroline trusts and respect amnesiac Stefan as much as she always has memory-filled Stefan. In this season of heartbreak, they have been there for one another unconditionally. Stefan seems ready to move on from Elena, and Caroline from Tyler. We think the timing may be right for Steroline.


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Who are we kidding? We won’t be satisfied until a romance between Klaus and Caroline is fully explored. (And they stay together forever and ever.) But, it’s not our fault! Not only did TVD tease us with the possibility of Klaroline all of last season, but Joseph Morgan and Candice Accola have phenomenal chemistry. We are powerless against such forces! Plus, we’re suckers for a good redemptive romance plot, and Caroline brings out a compassionate side of Klaus the vampire has kept hidden away. Conversely, Klaus challenges and prioritizes Caroline in a way no one else does. This isn’t just about romance, this is about character development for two of our favorite TVD-verse characters, and we can’t wait for Klaroline to happen!

No one

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The great thing about Caroline is that she is such a charismatic character that she can carry a storyline on her own, sans the romantic subtext. We’d be okay with seeing Caroline rock the single life for a while. She deserves a little time to herself after all of the love life drama (and other kinds of drama) she’s endured over the last four seasons. We want to see her happy, and we think for her that means finding someone to love, but for now, maybe it’s best if Caroline spends some time figuring out who she is without the distraction of an epic love.

Which option do you think Caroline should choose? Which do you think will actually happen? Sound off in the comments below!

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