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The Top 7 Horror Movie Franchises

You know a movie is truly scary when just the spike of the music causes you to fling a popcorn bowl across the room. Terrified, you sleep with the lights on — if at all — hide all of your dolls in someone else's house/trash bin, and flinch whenever someone grabs a knife. Plus, you haven't answered the phone in years, you got blackout curtains for all your windows, and you moved within a few blocks of the nearest police station — not that it'll do you any good. Oh, and as for vacations anywhere near ;a wooded area? Totally out of the question. ;

We've compiled a list of our favorite franchises to keep us up at night, every time we watch them. Though some of them have gotten a little ;sequel happy (or sequel head-shaking, depending on the flick), others live on forever as the best examples of the scariest ways to die. Click through to see what ranks, and then tell us your favorites in the comments below!