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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Trailer Mocks Amazingly Clean Car — and Other Inconsistencies

The Walking Dead Season 4 is off and running, and we're loving it — while also shaking our heads at it.

Last month, Screen Junkies did an "Honest TV Trailer" for The Walking Dead, mocking some of the more sigh-worthy things about our beloved show's first three seasons.

"From the network that brought you Breaking Bad, a show you couldn't stop watching, comes a show so inconsistent, you have to keep talking yourself into watching - The Walking Dead."

At one point, they even mention "the fully loaded 2012 Hyundai Tucson - damn, they keep that thing clean!" Ha! On Season 4, Episode 4, "Indifference," Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Carol (Melissa McBride) take that car out on a supply run, and it does seem to be in surprisingly mint condition.

The trailer later notes, "Fans of the comic have been waiting years to see their favorite characters to come to life on the small screen, and after three seasons ... they're still waiting."

That makes us think of Carol's transformation from timid victim to strong survivor to, apparently, killer of fellow "group" members.

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"Instead," the trailer continues, "witness a season about the group's desperate search for answers, an uneven season about a fight for survival, aaaaaand Season 2." Long pause where we watch scenery. "Man, f-ck that farm." Poor Season 2! It was underrated.

Watch the trailer to see montages of filthy clothing, infinite ammo, improbable headshots, Dale face, ugly cry face, zombie extras drinking water (oops!), Shane rubbing his head repeatedly, and other "stuff" and "things," including the continued bashing of Lori.

The concluding thought: "Man, I can't wait for the first half of Season 4 to be super awesome, and the second half to be super lame."

Season 4 has been great so far, but also a little frustrating. Hopefully it avoids the back-half pitfall of being "super lame."

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Source: Screen Junkies