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Teen Pregnancy, Car Crashes, and Student-Teacher Relationships: 13 High School Themes We’ll See on TV Forever (PHOTOS)

There are some milestones in American teens’ lives that are so universal, they’re practically begging to be featured on TV shows. And they are. Over and over again, we watch kids get knocked up at 16, crash their cars, and head to prom. Then there are those storylines that not everyone has to deal with, like housing a homeless friend for a few episodes or finding out your parents have been lying to you your whole life and your neighbor is actually your half brother. Those are just too juicy to pass up, so they also get incorporated into a fair amount of teen-themed shows.

Not that we’re complaining. You can never have too many brothers from another mother (but the same father).

Check out our favorite tropes that are bound to pop up in TV shows for decades to come — or at least until kids start crashing their jetpacks instead of their parents’ sedans.