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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

What Does Kyle Richards Think Yolanda Foster Lied About in the RHoBH Season 4 Premiere?

Kyle Richards came under fire during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 reunion, mainly by Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster for not being a loyal or genuine friend.

Kyle  took offense to Yolanda’s accusation that she was badmouthing Brandi Glanville in Las Vegas, and fired back that Yolanda should tell Lisa what she said about her in Paris. “I finally had it with Yolanda being sneaky and two-faced,” Kyle revealed.

When Yolanda claimed not to remember saying anything about Lisa, Kyle summed up: “[Yolanda said] she’s a phony, and she’s a fake.” According to Kyle, Yolanda had told her and Kim Richards that Lisa is “full of s**t” and didn’t care about Kim. 

As Yolanda and Kyle continued to argue, the Dutch model told her co-star, “You’re a liar.” However, Kim backed her sister up, saying, “You said, ‘She’s not your friend, she’s full of s**t.’”

When asked who she thought was telling the truth, Lisa abruptly took Yolanda's side. 

“I was really surprised Yolanda didn't own up to that,” Kyle wrote in her Bravo blog. “She tries to come off as being a ‘straight shooter’ and that was simply a bold faced LIE. Everyone knew she was lying. I think Lisa knows too, but didn't want to admit it. Lisa is smarter than that.”

Going into Season 4, it doesn't look the waters will be calming down any time soon. Though Yolanda made an appearance at Kyle's Chamber of Commerce party, it's clear she hasn't gotten over the events of the reunion. Lisa says she's moved on from everything that happened, but her backhanded comments toward Kyle certainly beg to differ.

Do you think these three will ever be able to patch things up, or should we expect some serious catfights this season?

Source: Kyle Richards’s Bravo Blog