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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Mocks Farrah Abraham’s Lip Injections

Farrah Abraham better break out an umbrella, because a huge cloud of shade is being thrown her way by none other than Jenelle Evans. That's right, it's a battle of the Teen Moms.

Turns out Jenelle isn't a huge fan of Farrah or her infamous backdoor, and she recently took it to Twitter to dish her two cents about Farrah's newest surgical enhancements — her freshly injected lips.

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"I'm sorry but I can't see Farrah's teeth anymore when she talks, can u?" Jenelle tweeted on November 5. "Lmfao and she just got her teeth done!"

Oh, snap. Jenelle just messed with the wrong backdoor, and she didn't stop there. "I rather be all natural than completely fake …" she continued. "I mean it's almost every part of her body !"

Jenelle does make a good point. As of now, Farrah's had two sets of breast implants, one chin implant, lip injections and a nose job. She looks like a completely different person! Of course, Jenelle isn't one to talk. This gal got breast implants of her own last year!

"That's the ONLY thing fake on me," she tweeted in her defense. "not my chin, cheeks, lips, teeth, hair, and boobs."

Do you think Jenelle is being too hard on Farrah? After all, girlfriend's just a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world. Her life might be plastic, but it's fantastic!